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Basic Search Engine Optimization For Free Organic Traffic

To succeed on the internet your website needs traffic and especially targeted traffic. Without visitors there is nobody to click your ads or buy your products and services. In other words, no income! There's dozens, perhaps hundreds of ways to drive traffic. Many will cost you nothing but your time in carrying out certain tasks such as making a comment on a blog or forum in order leave a link back to your site.

One of the most basic methods of getting visitors is organic traffic. These are people who find your website in the results returned when they type a term in a search engine like Google. The simple words and phrases used in searches are called keywords and some such as 'weight loss' are used many thousands of times per day. In basic search engine optimisation it is vital any keywords related to your web page content are used about once or twice within every hundred words. Repeating a keyword too many times, or 'keyword stuffing' is frowned on by search engines who look for unique, well written content while pushing poor spam ridden web pages way down the rankings.

While creating the content for your web pages including related keywords and phrases will help them be seen as more relevant to searches which in turn places your pages higher. The ideal of course is to rank on page one of returned search results for your main keyword and implementing this method will help achieve that. For example should you sell 'Dog Collars', associated terms like leather collar, anti bark collar, dog training, leash, harness and i.d.tag should be check this site out woven within the text to make your content relevant to the keyword and place you high in the rankings.

Other important factors for high placings in the eyes of search engines is putting appropriate keywords in your site URL such as 'dogcollarsonline.com' and also placing them in the keywords tags, page titles and subheadings. To rank well and drive organic traffic it is vital to provide quality material on your webspages. Just as important, is for the search engines to consider your site valuable by the links it has from other sites. All website achieve a page rank from 10 for the most important and powerful to zero or even n/a for new or poor quality pages. Every link from another site is considered a 'vote' for yours. Gaining back links from websites with high page rank such as 5, 6 or 7 will be seen as very positive votes for you. However, getting such links can be tough unless you can prove worthy by providing a deserving contribution.

All search engine optimisation tactics are worthwhile because they will help drive that all important traffic to you and best of all, it's free.

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